JUNE 8 2024


JUNE 8-9 2024

Ophthalmic imaging is central to the diagnosis of ocular disease.

Given that technology provides an ever-increasing range of options, it is essential that ophthalmic imagers maintain a high level of awareness of diagnostic instruments and their features. This however remains only part of the process.

Providing a high-quality diagnostic image can represent a significant challenge and the nuances involved in dealing with both patient and disease are often complex, demanding elevated skill and concentration to provide the best overall picture of the condition in order to reach an accurate diagnosis central to patient care.

Ocular imaging is an art form

Our team believes ocular imaging represents an art form, albeit one of clinical disease and progression. An elegant narrative would be to associate the ophthalmic practitioner at the diagnostic unit with an artist at the easel ready to lay down a great work. This represents the basic concept for our program, ‘Art of Ocular Imaging’.

The goal of the conference is to develop the practitioner’s tools, allowing for a greater understanding of the subtleties of disease diagnosis through imaging and to increase key skills to elevate imaging at the practice via the varied and latest modalities available to the clinician.

Learn, enhance and refine your skills on the day.

Develop your passion for and understanding of ocular imaging via two lecture sessions of specialised presentations tailored to ‘Imaging in disease’ and ‘Imaging in practice’.

You will also have the opportunity to enrol and be involved in two imaging Masterclass practicals, with certification provided*

*Certification may vary

Art of Ocular Imaging Conference Information

We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Art of Ocular Imaging Conference.
The conference contains high calibre speakers over two sessions with the option to select from 3 Masterclass options.

Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day, a break for morning tea and a light lunch is also catered for. CPD Points have been allocated via the respective professional organisations.

Please book early as numbers are strictly limited.

Following the conclusion of the conference, attendees are welcome to join their fellow delegates, speakers and industry partners for networking drinks at a venue nearby.
The Art of Ocular Imaging Annual Prize for the best submitted ophthalmic image will also be presented at the conclusion of the conference. Delegates who wish to submit an image in the competition can do so by following instructions provided at the time of registration.

For any enquiries, please submit your query here

Key Information

  • Sat 8th June 2024

  • Registration closes on May 31st 2024

  • 81 Broadway, Ultimo, UTS Building 11, Level 5

  • Conference cost $145

Sessions and Times

  • Session on Imaging in Disease

  • Session on Imaging in Practice

  • Selection of 3 Masterclasses :

    Optos | Zeiss OCT / OCTA | Heidelberg Anterion

Who is AOI?

The Art of Ocular Imaging conference is the brainchild of senior orthoptist Mara Giribaldi who, with over 20 years of experience in the clinical and academic ocular imaging field, recognised the need for a niche ocular imaging conference for orthoptists and other key imagers within the eye care industry.

With the added expertise of Chris Hodge PhD, the Art of Ocular Imaging team aim to provide a boutique, tailored conference to enhance existing skills.

The aim of the conference is to highlight the importance of accuracy and competency in the imaging role while developing the practitioner’s understanding of the subtleties of disease diagnosis through the application of imaging via case-based examples. Providing tips in imaging techniques and learning about latest diagnostic technologies through our intensive masterclasses will provide a greater understanding of best practice and provide a higher level of value to your practice and patients

Mara Giribaldi


Dr Chris Hodge


Get in Touch

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AOI 2023 Annual Imaging Prize

Congratulations to Neethu Mani, who was awarded the Inaugural 2023 AOI Prize for capturing an image of a benign iris cyst on a slit lamp mounted Canon camera.
Benign Iris Cyst

AOI 2023 Annual Imaging Prize Submissions

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Bilateral Ampiginous Chorioretinitis
Frosted Fundus
Port Delivery System